Oval dark matter ring

Oval dark matter ring

One of a kind hammered oval ring with seven brilliant cut diamonds.

Handcrafted 925 silver in Italy.
Fading burnished finishing.

With daily use the burnished patina will consume on the most exposed surfaces revealing the underneath silver, so each ring will end up having its own specific patina.
Approx frontal size h19 w16.


    Orders will be shipped within 20 business days, depending on ring size and availability.

    Resizing of a ring is 20 euro plus shipping and handling so to ensure the correct sizing of your ring size, we recommend you buy a ring sizer, or download a printable one.

    Due to the handmade nature stone rings are not resizable


    For custom works, sizes and engraving please contact us BEFORE PURCHASE at  info@ellsilver.it

    Custom made orders will be shipped within 30 business days.



    Each jewelry design is personally handcrafted by ELL founders, using micro sculpture techniques on wax.

    Once the jewel is cast in 925 sterling silver, a mold is created, and the artisans can reproduce the design into several sizes. Every piece of jewelry is hand finished, and burnished to emphasize small details.

    Please note that starting from the mold, each and every ring is singularly created, shaped and finished by hand, and due to the handmade nature of these products small variations can be found.

    We craft each item with the maximum care and quality possible, but sterling silver is a malleable metal, so please take care of your ELL jewelry, avoid undue stress, especially on stone rings.

    Bangles shouldn’t be stretched, opened or closed to fit on the wrist as it will weaken the silver and may eventually break.

    Please don't use aggressive chemical products to clean ELL jewelry, as they may remove or damage the burnished patina. Polish your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth.

    If the jewel seems to be particularly dirty, please simply soak it in hot water with dish soap and brush it with an old toothbrush.


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